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Internal and External Factors Increasing the Error Rate of ATCO Students’ Performance

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This article deals with the internal and the external factors that have a significant impact on the air traffic controller student’s cognitive performance and psychomotorical abilities. These factors increase the error rate during the work performance and tests. The article results from the dissertation work of one of the authors, where the individual circadian rhythm of the ATCO workers and ATCO students, and the impact of the external factors on their circadian rhythm have been researched and analyzed. During the research, many of the techniques have been used, but the most important ones are the techniques like brainstorming, measuring the physiological indicators (e.g. body temperature, pulse, systolic and diastolic pressure, reaction time, error rate,...). This article contains theoretical and practical part. The practical section is the empirical part of the theoretical one and it includes statistical analyses of the acquired values from the research. Statistic methods like correlation and Paired t-test were used for evaluating the measured values. The theoretical section covers the analysis of the current state of the problem and the explanation of the statistical methods. The final part of the article involves the evaluation and the conclusion of the research. The evaluation suggests a possible solution for a better education process and management.
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Air Traffic Control; Circadian Rhythm; Cognitive Performance; Education; External Factors; Failure; Psychomotorical Abilities; Reaction Time; Statistic Analyzes

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