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Stabilization of a Quadrotor Vehicle Using PD and Recursive Nonlinear Control Techniques

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This paper presents a comparison between two control techniques applied to an autonomous quadrotor vehicle. The main goal is to achieve hovering by stabilizing the quadrotor’s attitude and altitude. First, nonlinear model of the vehicle is presented, taking into consideration the gyroscopic effects. Then, two control strategies are used, a classical PD controller and a modern nonlinear controller using a "recursive" State-Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE). The latter consists in applying the Kleinman-Newton algorithm in order to recursively solve the SDRE. Varied simulation is performed starting from different initial conditions. The results show that the recursive nonlinear method performs better than the linear one, mainly by maintaining the stability of the system in the presence of disturbances and with "too far from origin" initial conditions.
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Iterative Algorithm; NL System; PD; Quadrotor UAV; SDRE

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