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400 kW 12000 rpm Electric Generator Prototype for Aircraft Hybrid Propulsion System Demonstrator

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The work is devoted to the research of a high-speed generator with permanent magnets with a hybrid propulsion system of aircraft. The design descriptions of the rotor, the stator, and the bearing assemblies of the generator are described. The design of an oil-immersed cooling system for the active part of the stator is considered. In order to increase the fuel efficiency of aircraft, reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as reduce emissions of harmful gases into the environment, a multidisciplinary calculation of the EG has been performed. It has included three interrelated stages: electromagnetic calculation, mechanical calculation and thermal calculation, which made it possible to achieve optimal geometrical dimensions, which provide the maximum possible thermal and mechanical loads at a given power density, as well as allowing achieving the best specific mass characteristics among similar generators. Research of power electronics blocks, created together with an electric generator for HPS, has been carried out. For this task, computer models of a step-down converter have been developed and experimental samples, whose studies in various operating modes are also given in the article, have been created. Experimental studies have been carried out at the stand. The results of testing the generator and power electronics units are presented, as well as a comparison of the calculated performance characteristics with real characteristics.
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Electric Generator; Permanent Magnets; Hybrid Propulsion System; Aircraft; Rectifier Unit; DC-DC Converter

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