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Development and Testing of a Coreless Axial Flux Electric Motor

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One of the types of electrical machines with high specific characteristics and small dimensions is the AFPM motor. These properties determine the interest in this type of electric machines in aviation. The small axial length of the AFPM motors allows them to be directly integrated without the risk of increasing the size of the aircraft. This paper presents the development and the experimental study of an AFPM motor without a stator core and with natural air cooling. The theoretical method for estimating the parameters of the AFPM motor has been presented. The calculated parameters have been used for a more accurate FEM analysis. According to the FEA calculations, the design of the AFPM motor has been developed and experimental studies have been carried out. The presented results of the experimental studies have good convergence with FEA analysis carried out during the design of a AFPM motor.
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Axial Flux; Permanent Magnet; Coreless; Halbach Array; Brushless Machines; Finite Element Analysis; Experimental Studies

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