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Conceptual Design of Electric Machines for a Serial Hybrid Propulsion System of Commuter Airliner

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This paper is devoted to the preliminary design and the characteristic calculations of advanced electric machines for a serial hybrid electric propulsion system of commuter airliner. The twin turboprop L-410 commuter airliner is considered as the prototype. A hybrid propulsion system consists of two electric motors rotating propellers and one electric generator powered by turboshaft engine. The requirements for electric machines are based on typical flight cycle for such an aircraft. A forecast for the development of material properties and technology until 2030 based on an analysis of work in the field of electrical and magnetic materials is made. The preliminary design of an electric generator with maximum power of 700 kW and 1100 kW with various rotational frequencies of 15000, 30000, and 45000 rpm has been performed. In addition, a preliminary design of electric motor with maximum power of 550 kW with rotational speed 1900 rpm has been performed. The preliminary design procedure is based on electromagnetic and thermal calculations, stress analysis taking into account the forecast of technology and the material characteristics.
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Hybrid Propulsion System; Commuter Airliner; Electric Generator; Electric Motor; Electromagnetic Simulation

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