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Launch Environment Ground Test Evaluation with Multi-axis Vibration and Shock for Pouch Solid-State-Ceramic Battery Advanced Energy Storage

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Satellites must endure the hostile environement during their launching to space via rocket; therefore, they should be exposed to the real launch conditions for ground testing, including all subsystems and components which should be carefully tested. Several solid-state-ceramic batteries have been selected to be evaluated under the launch environment after been evaluated under the space environment, which has shown so far good results. This paper focuses on the physical degradation and the electrical performances of the batteries based on the discharge capacity, the open-circuit voltage, and charge/discharge modes. Batteries have been exposed to shock, then tested under vibration within different frequencies’ levels with sinewave, sine burst, and random. Before and after the test, the physical properties of all batteries have been checked, several cycles of discharge and charge have been performed to check their performances and survivability after the evaluation test. With 95% of capacity, batteries could demonstrate their ability to withstand the launch conditions successfully, they could be able to operate during several cycles after the test, so far, showing no degradation on their performances within the limits. Also, the paper is providing the main requirements and criteria for batteries’ launch ground testing for the small satellite project.
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Solid-State Battery; Small satellite; Launch Environment; Low Earth Orbit; Vibration & Shock Test

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