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Dynamic Modeling and Flight Control Design for Multicopter

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This paper presents a step by step dynamic modeling of the multicopter – quadcopter based on Newton Euler formalism, including the dynamics of the motor and the propellers. The linearization of the nonlinear mathematical model of the quadrotor is derived systematically when ψ ≠ 0. Consequently, the simulation model of the flight controller based on the cascade control has been designed, which ensures a stabilization of the quad rotor and a robust-like trajectory tracking performance. The proposed cascade control strategy including the outer inverse dynamics provides controlling of the yaw orientation angle. The comparison of the use of a linear cascade PID-PD and the combination of PID-MPC is performed on 3D referent trajectories tracking with and without the presence of periodic external torque disturbances. The results are obtained from the MATLAB simulation model.
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Quadrotor Dynamics; Control System Design; Flight Controller; Trajectory Tracking

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