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Noise Immunity Analysis of LocataNet Navigation Receiver

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The manuscript considers the problem of analyzing the reception characteristics of a pulse signal with intrapulse phase shift keying, used in local navigation systems such as LocataNet. Analytic formulas for the statistical characteristics of in-phase and quadrature correlators, a phase discriminator and standard errors of signal phase tracking are obtained. Noise immunity of signal acquisition and signal tracking modes is analysed. The manuscript shows that, at the same average energy of the pulse signal during the repetition period and the continuous phase-shifted signal at the same repetition period, the noise immunity of their reception both in search mode and in tracking mode is the same. Noise immunity of the received signals from LocataNet system is enhanced by increasing the navigation signal power at the receiver input.
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Navigation Satellite Systems; Navigation Receiver; Pulse Signal with Inside Phase Shift Keying; Noise Immunity

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