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Unipolar Magnetic Bearing for High-Speed Electric Motor of Aircraft Air Conditioning System: Structure and Optimization

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This work presents a new topology for unipolar active magnetic bearings for an aircraft air conditioning system with high-speed electrical machines. A mathematical description of the processes of the new technical solution is given. The new topology was studied using the finite element method. The conducted comparison of this solution with the known ones and the assessment of its efficiency allowed to demonstrate the perspective for its use in the industry as well as to reveal its advantages and disadvantages. Using genetic algorithms, the active magnetic bearings optimum geometrical dimensions were chosen. The results of the conducted mock-up experimental research under static conditions were presented. The characteristics of its bearing capacity dependence on the air gap displacement value were obtained and AMB stiffness was assessed under static conditions at various rotor displacements.
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High-speed Electric Machine; Air Conditioning System; Active Magnetic Bearings

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