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High-Voltage Generator with Constant Magnets and Toroidal Winding for Intermitted Mode of Operation

Vyacheslav Vavilov(1), Flur Ismagilov(2*), Irek Khayrullin(3), Ruslan Dinarovich Karimov(4)

(1) Department of Electromechanics, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(2) Department of Electromechanics, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(3) Department of Electromechanics, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(4) Department of Electromechanics, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(*) Corresponding author



The paper proposes the use of High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators Short-Time together with a gas turbine to start a starter generator. This paper describes the design features of the High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators Short-Time with galvanically unconnected windings of the Gram using the example of a 3-phase and 6-phase HSPMGST with two biased three-phase windings with a pulse power of up to 10 kW and an operating time of not more than 1 minute with the breaks between starts not more than 5 minutes. The losses in these electric generators have been estimated, their thermal calculations have been carried out and experimental studies have also been carried out.
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High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators Short-Time; HSPMGST; Gramm Winding

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