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High-Voltage Generator with Constant Magnets and Toroidal Winding for Intermitted Mode of Operation

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The paper proposes the use of High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators Short-Time together with a gas turbine to start a starter generator. This paper describes the design features of the High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators Short-Time with galvanically unconnected windings of the Gram using the example of a 3-phase and 6-phase HSPMGST with two biased three-phase windings with a pulse power of up to 10 kW and an operating time of not more than 1 minute with the breaks between starts not more than 5 minutes. The losses in these electric generators have been estimated, their thermal calculations have been carried out and experimental studies have also been carried out.
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High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators Short-Time; HSPMGST; Gramm Winding

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