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Visual Servoing of a Spherical Inverted Pendulum on a Quadrotor Using Backstepping Controller

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Vision-based Robot applications have taken a lot of attention, with the development of electronic and computer technology. In this paper, a visual servoing method is used to control the stability of the Spherical Inverted Pendulum at its equilibrium upright position. The main objective of this study will be attended in four steps. The first step consists of a real time acquisition of images from a vision system. In the second step, an algorithm is proposed that will allow determining accurately the position of the pendulum from the acquired images. In the third step, the difference between the current position and the equilibrium upright position is calculated. The last step consists of developing a strategy of a command from this difference of positions. The command that will be generated is based on the Backstepping control to make the Quadrotor actions in such a way to bring the spherical inverted pendulum in its upright position. The implementation of the proposed method is carried out using Matlab Simulink and Virtual Reality environment.
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Spherical Inverted Pendulum; Quadrotor; Visual Servoing; Backstepping; Nonlinear Control

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