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Review: Flow Control on a Squareback Model

James Julian(1*), Riza Farrash Karim(2), Budiarso Budiarso(3), Harinaldi Harinaldi(4)

(1) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
(2) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
(3) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
(4) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding author



This paper focuses on reviewing various flow control methods which have been applied on a squareback model. In order to understand the several issues related to the real practice, this review starts from the explanation of the aerodynamics of the backward facing step and finally of the squareback model itself. The aim of this review is to provide a comprehensive source of information regarding flow control on a squareback model as well as the fundamentals of the aerodynamics understanding in the related objects, and also to put several factors involving this issue in order to guide future findings and inventions to be able to locate the problem more easily.
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Review; Flow Control; Squareback; Aerodynamics

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