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Generating Time Optimal Trajectory from Predefined 4D waypoint Networks

Kawser Ahmed(1), Kouamana Bousson(2*)

(1) Avionics & Control Laboratory, Department of Aerospace sciences, University of Beira Interior, Portugal
(2) Avionics & Control Laboratory, Department of Aerospace sciences, University of Beira Interior, Portugal
(*) Corresponding author



The main purpose of this paper is to develop a trajectory optimization method to generate optimal trajectories that minimize aircraft total trip time between the initial and final waypoint in predefined 4D waypoint networks. In this paper, the 4D waypoint networks only consist of waypoints for climb, cruise and descent approach without the take-off and landing approach phases. The time optimal trajectory is generated for three different lengths of flights (short, medium, and long-haul flight) for two different commercial aircraft and considering zero wind condition. The Results about the presented applications show that by flying a time optimal trajectory, which was found by applying a single source shortest path algorithm (Dijkstra’s algorithm), can lead to the reduction of average travel time by 2.6% with respect to the total trip time.
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Time Conservation; Cost Index; 4D Waypoint Navigation; Trajectory Optimization; Dijkstra’s Algorithm; Base of Aircraft Data (BADA)

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