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Design Aspects of a High-Speed High-Voltage PMSM for Aerospace Application

Flur Ismagilov(1), Nikita Uzhegov(2), Vyacheslav Vavilov(3*), Denis Gusakov(4)

(1) Department of Electromechanics of Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(2) SpinDrive, Finland
(3) Department of Electromechanics of Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(4) Department of Electromechanics of Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation
(*) Corresponding author



This paper examines various designs of high-voltage, high-speed permanent magnet generators for autonomous objects. Based on the electromagnetic and system analyses, the best suitable design concept is selected taking into account the fault-tolerance capability of the generator. Different design topologies are compared by adopting an analytical approach, confirmed by finite element method (FEM) calculations. The main parameters and materials of the selected generator are presented and discussed. An experimental pilot study of the high-speed, high-voltage generator is carried out to verify the results of the computer simulations.
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AC Machine; Permanent Magnet Machines; Design Engineering; High-Speed Drive; Transformers; Stator

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