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Increasing Energy Parameters of High-Speed Magneto-Electric Generator for Autonomous Objects

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This article presents the research on the various methods of improving the energy characteristics of high-speed magneto-electric generators. The modeling of the magneto-electric generator with permanent magnets made of various alloys was presented. The effectiveness assessment of the Halbach magnetic system was presented. The use of the Halbach magnetic system improves the high-speed magneto-electric generator power by 7-15% while significantly increasing the induction in the stator core. The short-circuit current is increased (up to 2200 A); this provided 1.5 times overload of magneto-electric generators within 5 minutes. The significant increase of magneto-electric generator power can be reached through the increase of the linear current load or by joint increase of the linear current load and the magnetic induction in the air gap. Based on the described methods, the calculations for the high-speed 450 kW magneto-electric generator with a mass of 47 kg is performed taking into account the armature reaction magnetic field, the changes in the total harmonic distortion and other changes of magneto-electric generator parameters depending on the high-coercitivity permanent magnets poles arc. The obtained results can be practically applied in the design of high-speed magneto-electric generator for the power supply system of autonomous objects.
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High-Speed Magneto-Electric Generator; Halbach Magnetic System; High-Coercivity Permanent Magnets; Autonomous Objects

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