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Integrated High-Temperature Starter-Generator for Aerospace Vehicles. Testing of a Scaled-Size Prototype

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The main purpose of this article is to perform experiments on a scaled model of the SG on HPS with permanent magnets, a teeth winding and an outer rotor at temperature of up to 2200С to analyze its electromechanical characteristics. On the basis of these researches, it is possible to create and verify the computer model in Ansys Maxwell which allows linear scaling of SG dimensions to design a SG with higher capacity. This paper also deals with the application efficiency research of different types of high-temperature wires (including copper conductor and nickel conductors). It helps to choose the best variant for the SG with HPS. Changings on losses in a high-temperature SG with a rise in temperature is analyzed as well. On the basis of research results the conclusion on practicality of the suggested concept and the SG structural design are given. The novelty of the paper is that the experimental research results of the high-temperature SG on HPS with a teeth winding and an outer rotor at a temperature of 2200С is being published for the first time. The conclusion on the integration of the SG into HPSs are being given based on the researches.
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Starter-Generator; More Electrical Engine; High-Pressure Shaft

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