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Performance and Power Quality Improvements of MEA Power Distribution Systems using Model Predictive Control

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In this paper, a More-Electric Aircraft (MEA) power distribution system is modeled and controlled using Model Predictive Control (MPC). The MPC has a fast response to dynamic changes and able to deal with multivariable and constraints applied to inputs and states. The studied MEA system is investigated during a transient condition of severe step-load changes (from no-load to full-load) and fault scenarios. The MPC control takes into consideration the verification of aircraft standards during transient and fault conditions for the AC and DC voltages within the aircraft distribution system. The performance of the studied MEA is improved compared to other control techniques such as FLC and PID controllers. The power quality of the studied system under MPC is compared to FLC and PID and it is found the superiority of the MPC regarding overshoot/undershoot, ripples, settling time and harmonic contents. Moreover, the obtained results verify the capability and efficiency of MPC control during severe conditions of large step-load and fault scenarios inside the MEA by verifying the aircraft standards during all operating conditions.
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More-Electric Aircraft; Model Predictive Control; Aircraft Standards; Transients; Step-Load; Faults

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