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Integrated Electrical Machines with Permanent Magnets for Aerospace Industry

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This paper presents the evaluation of the effectiveness of the power supply system of perspective aircrafts, in which all the electrical generators are integrated into the shafts of the main aircraft engine and into the gearless auxiliary power unit. In addition, this paper presents the development of the requirements of integrated electrical generators. The results of the calculation and analysis of the electrical generators for integration on the gearless auxiliary power unit, the high-pressure compressor shaft and the low-pressure compressor shaft of the main aircraft engine are presented. After analyzing the weight and size of the aircraft with integrated electrical generators, the obtained results and the data for Boeing 787have been compared. In the proposed concept, the total mass of electrical machines is less than the total mass of electrical machines of Boeing 787.
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Electrical Generator; Starter-Generator; Auxiliary Power Unit; More Electrical Aircraft; Main Aircraft Engine

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