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High-Speed Magneto-Electric Slotless Generator, Integrated into Auxiliary Power Unit: Design and Experimental Research of a Scaled-Size Prototype

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This paper presents the design and the experimental research of a scaled-size prototype of high-speed magneto-electric slotless generator, integrated into an auxiliary power unit with twisted stator core of amorphous alloy. The experimental research in no-load and on-load modes of a scaled-size prototype and the experimental research of loss in the stator core of amorphous alloy at high frequencies are presented. On the results of the testing, the computer model of scaled-size prototype was developed and based on it the main design characteristics of full-size high-speed magneto-electric slotless generator was defined.
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High-Speed Magneto-Electric Slotless Generator; Auxiliary Power Unit; Permanent Magnets; Twisted Stator Core Made of Amorphous Alloy

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