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Supersonic Jet Control with Air-Tabs

Thomas Defromont(1), E. Rathakrishnan(2*)

(1) Ecole Centrale Lyon Engineering School, France
(2) Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
(*) Corresponding author



A Mach 2 jet controlled with two air-tabs at subsonic, correctly and underexpanded sonic Mach numbers, located diametrically opposite at distances of 0.38D, 1.15D and 1.92 D, downstream of the nozzle exit has been studied. The air-tab effect on the jet mixing, in the presence of adverse pressure gradient corresponding to nozzle pressure ratios 2, 3 and 4 were investigated. The results show that air-tab can be used to control the jet mixing. The mixing modification caused by the air-tab is found to be strong function of the pressure gradient of the jet, air-tab Mach number and the location. The underexpansion level of the air-tab also influences the mixing promoting capability of the sonic air-tab. As high as 56% reduction in the jet core length has been obtained with sonic air-tab at NPR 4 positioned at 1.92 D downstream of the nozzle exit.
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Air-Tab; Pressure Gradient; Mach Number; Expansion Level; Jet Core

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