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Design and Optimization of Microsatellite Power System

Yamina Ammar(1*), Amine Boudghene Stambouli(2), Mohammed Bekhti(3)

(1) Department of Electronics, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria
(2) Department of Electronics of the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria
(3) Development Center of Satellite USTO, Bir el Djir, Oran, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author



In the framework of studying and Optimization of the power subsystem for a microsatellite, our purpose is to cover all aspects leading to the optimization of power which ensures accomplishment of the microsatellite mission in orbit. The power subsystem of a microsatellite is responsible to provide a necessary energy for the different operations of spacecraft under all spatial conditions that may be met during its mission, this until the end of its envisaged lifetime. It must to include the photovoltaic generator, the batteries, the battery charge regulator (BCR), power conditioning module, distribution module and protection. There are many technical problems, such as the failure of the photovoltaic panels causing a dysfunction of the satellite, for that the literature suggests solutions about the algorithms of optimization, the most important is the research of the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) when the photovoltaic generator and the load are connected through a static converter. The maximum power point varies according to several factors such as, irradiance and temperature.
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Microsatellite; Power System; Optimization Algorithm; MPPT; DC/DC Converter

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