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Open-Type Cross-Flow Turbine with Curved Channel (Effect of Channel Angle on Water Surface Stability)

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The aim of this study is to develop a nano-hydraulic turbine which can be generated by the flow at drop structure in irrigation channels or industrial waterways. This study has focused on an open type cross-flow turbine without any attached equipment for minimizing production, installation and maintenance cost. The water flow condition towards the runner is one of the important factors of stable supply of electricity. This study was used a curved channel which consists of a curved part and a straight part as changing the flow direction. When water is flowed this channel, free surface of the water flow has a distinctive shape, standing wave. The high amplitude of the standing wave makes the runner efficiency lower. The objective of this study is to suppress the fluctuation of the water surface when the curved channel control is presented by changing the setting angle of straight part of the channel. The behavior of the water surface, the fluctuation pattern, and the velocity of the water flow are critical to the runner performance. By variation of the channel angle, both parameters were compared and evaluated.
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Renewable Energy; Hydraulic Turbine; Undershot Wheel; Power Performance; Cross-Flow; Small Hydro; Micro Hydro; Nano Hydro

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