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Numerical Analysis of Separation Control Over an Airfoil Section

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Flow past a rotating cylinder mounted at the leading edge of a NACA 0024 airfoil is analyzed numerically using ANSYS CFX software. The numerical simulation is done under transient conditions with shear stress transport SST turbulence model. The lift and drag coefficients are obtained and compared to the airfoil results with no rotation. The pressure coefficient distribution along the airfoil surface is also plotted along with the pressure contours. Grid independence tests are also performed to validate the results. The results indicate a delayed stall angle due to cylinder rotation in addition to an increase in the lift coefficient associated with an increase in lift to drag ratio values. The lift coefficient increases by 36 % and the stall angle is increased by 122 % for the airfoil with the rotating cylinder. All these characteristics lead to an improvement of the airfoil performance.
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Rotating Cylinder; Airfoil Section; Boundary Layer Control; CFD; SST

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