Fuel Burn Model Development on Implementation of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)

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Much work has already been done with this end in mind; however, given the high degree of complexity associated with a large system such as this, there is opportunity for improvements in modeling capability. The FAA system for assessing Aviation’s Global Emissions (SAGE) is a well-established model for the creation of global inventories of aviation fuel use and emissions. The first is the way in which the specific fuel consumption (SFC) is calculated. Previous to this study, SFC was calculated through the methods put forward in EUROCONTROL’s Base of Aircraft Data (BADA). The results of this analysis provide insight into not only the benefits of RVSM, but also the effects of these model improvements and the efficacy of the different efficiency metrics used.
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Reduce Vertical Separation Minimum; System for Assessing Aviation’s Global Emissions; Base of Aircraft Data; Specific Fuel Consumption; Enhanced Traffic Management System

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