Fiber Optic and Applications on the Aircrafts

Soner Demirel(1*), Gülay İyibakanlar(2)

(1) Anadolu University Faculty of Civil Aviation Department of Aviation Electrics and Electronics, Turkey
(2) Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Electrics and Electronics, Turkey
(*) Corresponding author

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Communication is transferring the messages from a source to a receiver. The signal or information which is transferred by communication way is classified as a data. Data bus is a canal that that information’s are transferred by communication systems. In the data transfer method, the most important thing is that transferring data rapidly and without loss data. Especially, in the new generation aircrafts, the thing carried out initially is to protect the data buses against interference factors. In this view, “fiber optic and applications in the aircrafts” is examined and attracted attention about how this subject is important for the aircrafts. General characteristic of fiber optic, fly by light / fly by wire comparisons, the systems which have fiber optic cables into and applications for the aircrafts, like Airship, B777, MD-90, F-22 and F-18 are mentioned on this paper.
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Fiber Optic; Fly by Light; Optic Sensors; B777; MD-90; F-18

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