Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

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Homogenous Numerical Models for Porous Hyperelastic Materials PDF
J. Mars, F. Dammak, A. Dhieb 1-8

Heat and Mass Transfer with Interaction Effects Analysis Between an External Flow and a Capillary Porous Body PDF
S. Larbi 9-14

The Use of Alumino-Silicate Ceramic Material in High Voltage: Thermo-Mechanical and Dielectric Properties PDF
B. Belfarhi, A. Belbah, M. Nemamcha, S. Rouaiguia 15-19

PCA and PLS Study of AIBIIIC2VI and AIIBIVC2V Ternary Chalcopyrite Semiconductors PDF
A. M. Ferouani, M. R. Merad Boudia 20-23

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