Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

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Editorial: a Message from the Editor-in-Chief PDF
Jordan Hristov 1-2

Temperature Variation Effects on BSIM4 Characteristics in 50nm CMOS Technology PDF
A. Guen, B. Bouazza, H. Guen, A. Hamdoune, Ne Chabane Sari 3-9

Application Free Vibration for Two Type Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shell Composed of Stainless Steel and Nickel Under Clamped-Clamped Boundary Conditions PDF
M. R. Isvandzibaei, M. Setareh 10-17

Effect of the Backwashing Cycle on the Performance of a Hybrid Coagulation-Ceramic Membrane System Treating River Water PDF
Mingyuan Li, Guangxue Wu, Yuntao Guan 18-21

Nanofiltration Application for Concentrating Aqueous Waste Stream to Recover Sodium Sulphate PDF
R. S. Gawaad, S. K. Sharma, S. S. Sambi 22-27

Modeling of Delamination in Woven Composites Based on a Unit Cell PDF
M. R. Khoshravan, F. Azimpoor 28-35

Computer-Aided FEM to Analyze the Composite Materials for Replacing with Steel in Crane Structure PDF
Daryoush Safarzadeh, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, Faieza Abdul Aziz, Desa Bin Ahmad, Gholam Hossein Majzoobi 36-40

Simulations of Surface Roughness of Nanocomposite Materials by Using Level Set Method PDF
B. Radjenović, M. Radmilović-Radjenović 41-44

Analysis and Numerical Modelling of Ceramic Piezoelectric Beam Behavior Under the Effect of External Solicitations PDF
A. Lebied, B. Necib 45-49

FEM Algorithm for Solving Superconducting Meissner Repulsion Forces PDF
E. Diez-Jimenez, J. L. Perez-Diaz, C. Castejon 50-52

Nano-Magnetic Structures Characterization of Fe Thin Films on Si Substrate PDF
A. Zolanvar, H. Sadeghi, J. Nezamdost 53-57

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