Nano-Magnetic Structures Characterization of Fe Thin Films on Si Substrate

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Structural and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic Fe thin films on semiconductor Si substrates have been reported. We will present topography features of these layers by atomic force microscopy (AFM), characterization of magnetic domains and the nature of the walls between them can be performed using magnetic force microscopy (MFM) and alternating gradient field magnetometer (AGFM) methods. The Fe thicknesses, range from 5 to 150 nm. Our focus is to study systematically the effect of film thickness on magnetic hysteresis anisotropy in ultrathin films grown on semiconductors substrates. MFM images reveal stripe domain structure for the 100nm thick Fe on Si as well as hysteresis curves
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Magnetic Nanostructure; Fe Thin Films; Magnetic Properties; Magnetic Anisotropy

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