New Synthesis Procedure for the Production of Trimetallic Composite for Hydrogen Storage

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A new process for the synthesis of nano composites of Mg, Li, Ni and Mg, Be, Ni and Be has been developed using Parr Reactor System. The process comprises preparing of Mg, Li, Be and Mg, Be, Ni salts solution and mixing with 33% ammonium hydroxide as reducing agent The reactor is heated up to 110 0C in a closed reactor system at atmospheric pressure for 0.5 hours. Then hydrogen is introduced in the system at 500 Psig for one minute. The hydrogen not only reduces the oxides of metals but also generates pure nano alloy particles consisting of Mg, Ni, Li and Mg, Ni, Be. The synthesized trimetallic alloy is characterized by XRD, SEM, BET, and CO-chemisorption's, after washing and drying. The characterization data indicates nano particles formation in the size range of 18-29 nm with very well dispersed geometry, high surface area and pore volume. The hydrogen adsorption/desorption studies at room temperature indicates that 90% of the 5 % adsorbed hydrogen is desorbed at the temperature of 40 0C. Clearly the effect of particle size, surface area, and material geometry has an effect on the adsorption/desorption chemistry of hydrogen

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Trimetallic Inorganic Alloy Materials; Auto Clave Chemical Synthesis; SEM; TPD; XRD; Hydrogen Storage Materials

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