New Continuous Temperature Measurement Technique for Optimizing Oven Profiles in Polymer Product Manufacturing

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This paper describes the improvements realized by introducing a new continuous temperature measurement technique for polymer based gasket products processed  through a conveyorized heated oven during the manufacturing process. This novel method helped in generating temperature profiles for the products on a more frequent basis  and thus  proved to be an effective way of establishing oven-settings for different product styles processed through the oven. This new tool also helped in optimizing the temperature and airflow in the oven to achieve better product quality. As discussed in the paper, it also helped in improving productivity through the ovens. This was an improvement over the old method as the measurements could now be obtained on a regular basis during normal production without interrupting product flow thus better representing the real oven environment. The results of  the temperature profile of the polymer product in the oven are compared for the old and the new method and it is shown how these profiles were useful in improving the manufacturing process
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Polymer; Oven Profile; Temperature Profile; Conveyorized Oven

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