Microstructure and Hardness Dependence of the Pressure of Nano - Crystalline Aluminum Alloys

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Nano-crystalline aluminum was synthesized by a new method of ball milling technique from ingots of 99.8 wt.% Al. The effect of the pressure on the microstructure and mechanical properties of compacted ball milled aluminum were investigated in a pressure range up to 300 Pa. The results indicate that our  specimens are characterized by screw dislocation. The dislocation density and microhardness of our specimens increases by increasing pressure. The best fit line describes the H-P relationship dependence of micro-hardness (HV0.010) on the grain size for compacted aluminum obey the following formula: HV0.010= 35.42 <D>-1/2 + 245.02 (kg mm-2).
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Microstructure; Microhardness; Dislocations; Aluminum Alloys

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