Vol 11, No 4 (2018)

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Control and Stability Evaluation of the Bipedal Walking Robot AnyWalker PDF
Igor Ryadchikov, Semyon Sechenev, Evgeny Nikulchev, Michail Drobotenko, Alexander Svidlov, Pavel Volkodav, Rinat Vishnykov 160-165

Robust Control of a Chemical Multivariable System in the Presence of Strong Uncertainties in the Model Parameters PDF
Ibrahim El Khalil Mekki, Mohamed Bouhamida, Maarouf Saad 166-173

Adaptive State Feedback Pitch Angle Control of Wind Turbines for Speed Regulation and Blades Loadings Alleviation PDF
Ali El Yaakoubi, K. Attari, Lahcen Amhaimar, Adel Asselman 174-187

Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control Applied to the Inverted Pendulum on a Cart Problem PDF
Francisco Ruvalcaba, Miguel Llama, Francisco Jurado 188-197

Multidimensional Model for Estimating the Error in the Diagnosis of the Organism Elemental Status PDF
S. Akimov, Pavel Vedeneev, Alexandr Mikhailovich Pishchukhin 198-202

Control System for an Object with Interval-Given Parameters: Quality Analysis Based on Leading Coefficients of Characteristic Polynomials PDF
Yury Chursin, Dmitry Sonkin, Mikhail Sukhodoev, Ruslan Nurmuhametov, Vsevolod Pavlichev 203-207

Stable PID Control Strategy to Remove Limit Cycle Due to Stribeck Friction on DC Servo Motor PDF
Tobias Prawira Tumbuan, Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio, Indrawanto Indrawanto, Zainal Abidin 208-216

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