Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

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DC Motor Control Using PID Controller Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm PDF
H. E. A. Ibrahim, Ahmed A. Hakim Mahmoud 1-6

Literature Review on Microstepping Control for Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor PDF
S. Vijaya, A. Senthil Kumar, R. Suganya 7-14

Real Time Implementation of Third Generation CRONE Control Strategy for DC Motor Speed Control System PDF
N. N. Praboo, P. K. Bhaba 15-22

Recovery of HVDC System from DC Line Fault: a New Protection Method PDF
Mokhtar Benasla, Tayeb Allaoui, Mostefa Brahami 23-30

PID Controller Based Adaptive PSO PDF
Adel Taeib, Abdelkader Chaari 31-37

Performance Evaluation of Self-Excited Induction Generators PDF
Mourad Selmi, Habib Rehaoulia 38-44

Modeling and Control of Mechatronic Systems Using Fuzzy Logic PDF
Ján Cigánek, Filip Noge, Štefan Kozák 45-51

An ANN Control of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Grid Connected Wind Machines PDF
S. Sundeep, G. Madhusudhana Rao, B. V. Sanker Ram 52-59

Evaluation of Space Vector Switching Patterns Based on Reference Functions and Switching Loss Factor in VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive PDF
P. Senthilkumar, M. Balachandran, N. P. Subramaniam 60-66

Nonlinear Robust Sliding Mode Control of Flight Simulator (6-3) Gough-Stewart Type in Task Space PDF
Mustapha Litim, Abdelhafid Omari 67-73

Predictive Trailing Triangle Modulation Peak Current Control in DC-DC Converters PDF
Daniel Drăghici, Aurel Cireşan, Mircea Gurbină, Dan Lascu 74-81

Motion Planning and Control of Hyper Dynamic Robot Arm PDF
S. Benmansour Aboura, A. Omari, K. Zemalache Meguenni 82-89

Identification of Lead-Acid Battery Parameters by Kalman Filter Using Various Battery Models PDF
Aissa Boutte, Abdelhamid Midoun 90-97

Robust Control of Twin Rotor MIMO System PDF
S. Nekrouf, M. Bouhamida Bouhamida, Z. Bellahcene 98-106

Online Prediction Model Based on New Kernel Method PDF
Ilyes Elaissi, Okba Taouali, Messaoud Hassani 107-113

Passivity-Based Analysis for Partially Variable Nonlinear PID Controller for Robot Manipulators PDF
Sifuentes Mijares Juan, Meza Medina José Luis 114-122

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