Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

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Synthesis of a Switching Control Approach Based on the Input-Output Feedback Linearization PDF
Arwa Abdelkrim, Khalil Jouili, Naceur Benhadj Braiek 1-8

Dynamic Operation and Control Schemes for Static Synchronous Series Compensator PDF
Raju Jayaraman, M. Kowsalya, M. Arunachalam 9-16

Hardware Implementation of Model-Based Control Algorithm Using FPGA Technology PDF
Róbert Krasňanský, Branislav Dvorščák 23-31

State Feedback Control System of a Bar and Beam Using Emulated Hardware in the Loop (HIL) PDF
Camilo Andrés Cáceres, Jefry Mora, Dario Amaya 32-38

Minimum Energy Input Control Problem on a Constrained Boundary Subregion PDF
Layla Ezzahri, Ali Boutoulout, Fatima Zahrae El Alaoui 39-43

Double Layer Gateway Model for Connection Between Production Network and Enterprise Network PDF
Yaroslav Konstantinovich Smirnov, Victoria Ivanovna Halimon 44-50

Recognition of Surface Defects of Cold-Rolling Sheets Based on Method of Localities PDF
Victor Pavlovich Gergel, Mikhail Ivanovich Kuzmin, Nikolay Alekseevich Solovyov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Grishagin 51-55

Harmonic Current Compensation and Reactive Power Based on Three-Level Shunt Active Filter Controlled by Fuzzy Logic Connected to a Photovoltaic Source PDF
Abdelkader Yousfi, T. Allaoui, A. Chaker 56-62

A Fuzzy Approach for a Hybrid Multi-Mobile Robot Control Architecture to Maintain a Specific Formation During Navigation PDF
Abderrahmane Seddjar, Nasreddine Berrached 63-71

GA Optimized AVR Controller with Higher Degree of Freedom of Tuning of Wanted Response PDF
Danijel Jolevski, Ozren Bego, Frano Grgat 72-79

Optimal PID Tuning for DC Motor Speed Controller Based on Genetic Algorithm PDF
Ali Taki El-Deen, Ahmed Abdel Hakim Mahmoud, Ahmed R. El-Sawi 80-85

Design of High Efficiency Soft Switching Full Bridge DC-DC Converter Fed Solar Power Generation System PDF
K. Parkavi Kathirvelu, B. Viswanathan 17-22

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