Vol 6, No 5 (2013)

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Modeling, Analysis and Stability of Consensus Condition in Heterogeneous and Switching Multi Agent Systems PDF
Sabato Manfred 537-543

On Exponential Almost Sure Stability of Consensus Algorithm in State Dependent and Switching Networks PDF
Sabato Manfredi, Paris Pennesi 544-551

An Adaptive Measurement Fusion Scheme for Drifted and Biased Sensors Fault Isolation PDF
Sabato Manfredi, Stefania Santini 552-557

Predictive Control Based on Discrete Laguerre Network PDF
J. Škultéty, E. Miklovičová, R. Bars 558-588

Harmonics Mitigation Under Various Loading Conditions of PWM Current Controlled APF Using Fuzzy Logic Controller PDF
D. Mohan Reddy, T. Gowri Manohar 589-600

Performance Evaluation of Positive Output Switched Capacitor Elementary Luo Converter with PI and Fuzzy Controllers PDF
A. Joseph Basanth, S. P. Natarajan, N. Muruganandham 601-606

An Open Loop Evaluation of Five Phase Z-Source Inverter PDF
M. S. Bakar, N. A. Rahim, K. H. Ghazali, H. Daniyal 607-611

Biologically Inspired Decentralized Target Location Estimation Using Neural Networks PDF
Mathew Mithra Noel, Ankit Sharma 612-617

Fundamental Studies of a Three Phase Cascaded H-Bridge and Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverters Using Matlab/Simulink PDF
Rosli Omar, Mohammed Rasheed, Marizan Sulaiman 618-625

Visualizing Power Frequency Dynamics Using D-Partitioning PDF
C. Kiravu, K. Yanev, M. T. Oladiran 626-630

Nonlinear Observer and Backstepping Control of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle PDF
Larbi Mohamed Elamine, Kadda Zemalache Meguenni, Meddahi Youssouf, Mustapha Litim 631-640

Regional Gradient Controllability of Semi-Linear Parabolic Systems PDF
S. A. Ould Beinane, A. Kamal, A. Boutoulout 641-653

A Graphical Approach to Design Digital PI Controller for Integrator Plus Dead-Time Processes PDF
Ehsan Ghorbani, Alireza Sedaghati 654-665

An Overview of Impact of Nonlinear Friction in Oscillating Control Loops: from Diagnosis to Compensation PDF
M. A. Daneshwar, Norlaili Mohd Noh 666-672

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