Vol 6, No 4 (2013)

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Field Programmable Gate Array Based Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive PDF
S. Allirani, V. Jagannathan 373-380

New Fuzzy Luenberger Observer for Performance Evaluation of a Sensorless Induction Motor Drive PDF
Djamila Cherifi, Yahia Miloud, Ali Tahri 381-392

A Comparative Study of PID, Fuzzy, Fuzzy-PID, PSO-PID, PSO-Fuzzy, and PSO-Fuzzy-PID Controllers for Speed Control of DC Motor Drive PDF
H. E. A. Ibrahim, Mahmoud A. Elnady 393-403

A Comparative Study on AGC of Power Systems Using Reinforcement Learning and Genetic Algorithm PDF
J. Abdul Jaleel, R. L. Rekhasree 404-409

Improvement of Transient Stability and Damping Power by Means of IPFC and STATCOM - A Comparative Study PDF
M. Boudiaf, M. Moudjahed, M. Rahli 410-418

Comparative Study between Conventional Controllers and Optimization of Lead-Lag Controller for Power System Stabilizer Using PSO PDF
J. Abdul Jaleel, N. Thanvy 419-424

PID Parameters Determination of Synchronous Machine AVR System PDF
Martin P. Ćalasan, Tatijana M. Dlabač, Milutin M. Ostojić 425-430

Design of T2FSMC Controller with Minimum Gain Scale Factor by Optimizing Membership Function Using FireFly Algorithm on Mobile Inverted Pendulum PDF
- Mardlijah, Achmad Jazidie, Basuki Widodo, Ari Santoso 431-440

Fuzzy Inference System: Short Review and Design PDF
Naseer Sabri, S. A. Aljunid, M. S. Salim, R. B. Badlishah, R. Kamaruddin, M. F. Abd Malek 441-449

Design of a Novel Fuzzy PI Controller Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for VSC-HVDC Transmission Link PDF
N. Nayak, S. K. Routray, P. K. Rout 450-463

Self Tuning Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller for Performance Improvement of an Indirect Field-Oriented Control of Induction Machine PDF
Chaymae Laoufi, Ahmed Abbou, Yassine Sayouti, Mohamed Akherraz 464-471

Optimal Load Frequency Control in Two Area Hydro Thermal Deregulated System with Co-Ordinated Control of SMC-TCPS PDF
L. Shanmukha Rao, N. V. Ramana 472-480

Integrated Self-Organized Traffic Light Controllers for Signalized Intersections PDF
Maythem K. Abbas, Mohd Noh Karsiti, Madzlan Napiah, Samir Brahim 481-488

Fuzzy-Based System for Efficient and Cost-Effective Control of Light Power Consumption in Autonomous Vehicles PDF
Ali Jebelli, Mustapha C. E. Yagoub, Balbir S. Dhillon 487-493

An Inter-Vehicle Observations Approach to Cooperative SLAM PDF
Gayas Asaad, Alireza Babaei, Mohammad H. Ferdowsi, Hossein Bolandi 494-501

A New Method for Quick and Easy Synchronization of CHP Resources with an EPS PDF
H. R. Torkashvand, P. Amiri, S. Z. Moussavi 502-512

Comparative Study of Predictive Multivariable Control and Decentralized Control for a Distillation Column PDF
I. K. Mekki, M. Bouhamida, M. Benghanem 513-520

Kharitonov Based Robust Stability for a Flight Controller PDF
S. Swain, P. S. Khuntia 521-529

New Discrete Sliding Mode Controller with Predictive Sliding Function PDF
Ben Mansour Houda, Dehri Khadija, Nouri Ahmed Said 530-536

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