Vol 6, No 3 (2013)

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Haptic Controller for Mobile Machine Teleoperation PDF
Jani E. Heikkinen, Heikki M. Handroos 228-235

Advanced D-Partitioning Stability Analysis in the 3-Dimentional Parameter Space PDF
K. M. Yanev 236-240

Gain Scheduling Control Design for Hydro Generator PDF
V. Veselý, T. Puleva, J. Osuský 241-246

Gradient Observability for Hyperbolic System PDF
A. Boutoulout, H. Bourray, A. Khazari 247-263

Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Total Cross Tied Photovoltaic Under Partial Shading PDF
Donny Radianto, Dimas Anton Asfani, - Syafaruddin, Takashi Hiyama 264-269

Finite Time Observers for Nonlinear System by Solving LMIs Problem: Application to the Manipulator Arm PDF
Chakib Ben Njima, Walid Ben Mabrouk, Hassani Messaoud 270-279

Different Control Strategies Applied for Active Power Filter PDF
Harsha Vanjani, U. K. Choudhury 280-285

Repetitive Learning Controller for Six Degree of Freedom Robot Manipulator PDF
M. P. Flower Queen, M. Sasi Kumar, P. Babu Aurtherson 286-293

An Approach to Parameter Optimization Problem for a Class of Compromise Solutions Under Vector Valued Performance Criteria PDF
Rehna Nalakath, M. P. Nandakumar 294-299

MIMO Detection Algorithm for Metaheuristic Maximum-Likelihood PDF
Abdessalem Trimeche, Afef Ben Abdallah, Anis Sakly, Abdellatif Mtibaa 300-304

On Robust Automatic Generation Control Using Meta-Heuristics Search Based PID Design PDF
Ahmed Bensenouci, Ahmad H. Besheer 305-315

Using an Utkin Observer Based Controller for a Trajectory Tracking of an Overhead Crane System PDF
Ailane Abdellah, Aitelmahjoub Abdelhafid, Rachik Mostafa 316-321

Intelligence Swarm Model Optimization of Flexible Plate Structure System PDF
Muhamad Sukri Hadi, Intan Z. M. Darus 322-331

Fuzzy Logic Speed Control for Sensorless Indirect Field Oriented of Induction Motor Using an Extended Kalman Filter PDF
A. Bennassar, A. Abbou, M. Akherraz 332-339

Neural Stabilization of a Bioreactor PDF
Fathi Fourati, Hounaida Moalla, Samir Baklouti 340-345

Adaptive Fuzzy Decentralized Control for Nonlinear Large Scale Systems in Strict Feedback Form PDF
R. Ben Khaled, C. Mnasri, M. Gasmi 346-357

Quasi Z-Source DC/DC Converter Fed Drive with Genetic Fuzzy Controller PDF
M. Ranjani, P. Murugesan 358-364

Enhanced Modified Polar Coordinates Filter Applied to Bearing Only Tracking PDF
Dahmani Mohammed, Meche Abdelkrim, Keche Mokhtar, Hadjira Benoudnine 365-372

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