Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

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A Comparative Study of Identification Techniques for Fractional Models PDF
Abdelhamid Jalloul, Khaled Jelassi, Jean-Claude Trigeassou 89-96

A Robust LMI-Based Stabilizing Control Method for Bilateral Teleoperation Systems PDF
A. Roushandel, A. Khosravi, A. Alfi 97-106

Wireless Control of a DC Motor Using a Four Quadrant Chopper PDF
Satish Kumar Gudey 107-114

Modeling of Heat Exchangers: Optimization of Control PDF
M. A. Arbaoui, F. Bagui, A. Zatni 115-120

Effects of Three Phase AC Voltage Controller on Performance Characteristic of Induction Motor PDF
Mohamed A. Enany 121-126

Robust Interline Power Flow Controller Design for Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations in Power System with Wind Power Sources PDF
T. Kerdphol, K. Hongesombut, Y. Weerakamaeng 127-133

Robust Sliding Mode Control of Class of Linear Uncertain Saturated Systems PDF
B. Torchani, A. Sellami, G. Garcia 134-146

A Conceptual Visualization of Industrial Control Systems: Electrical Power System PDF
Sabah Al-Fedaghi, Faleh Faihan 147-154

A New Ultrasonic Exponential Decay Pulser Technique for Low Concentrations Detection and Measurements PDF
M. S. Salim, M. F. Abd Malek, Naseer Sabri, N. M. Noaman, K. M. Juni, N. A. Binti Abu Talib 155-167

Nonlinear Modeling and Estimation Techniques for a Fed-Batch Prototype Bioprocess PDF
Monica Roman 168-176

Support Vector Machine for MPPT Efficiency Improvement in Photovoltaic System PDF
Ameer A. Kareim, Muhamad Bin Mansor 177-182

New Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine with Ku Transformation PDF
Hamdi Naouel, Aissa Bouzid 183-188

Speed Sensorless of PMSM Control Using Fuzzy Set and Gopinath Observer PDF
K. Hachemi, M. Laouer, Y. Miloud 189-193

Robust Controller Design Using Edge Theorem and Genetic Algorithm PDF
Mária Hypiusová, Slavomír Kajan 194-200

Blackstart of Combined Cycle Power Plants in Slovak Power System PDF
J. Murgaš, M. Ernek 201-205

Neural-Genetic Control Algorithm of Nonlinear Systems PDF
Slavomír Kajan, Zuzana Dideková, Štefan Kozák, Marek Linder 206-210

Procedure for Constructing Linear Functional Observers PDF
Benoit Larroque, Farid Noureddine, Frederic Rotella 211-220

An Adaptive Motion Estimator Design for High Performances H.264/AVC Codec PDF
Salah Dhahri, Abdelkrim Zitouni, Kholdoun Torki 221-227

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