Vol 7, No 4 (2014)

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Servo Drive Comparison in a Hoist Application PDF
Victor Doynikov, T. Soukkio, Pia Lindh, J. Pyrhönen 334-343

A Novel MPPT Dual Fuzzy Logic Applied To Resistive Load and PV Pumping System PDF
Sarah Abdourraziq, R. El Bachtiri 344-352

Fuzzy Control of a Moving Coil Electromagnetic Valve Actuator for an Automotive Camless Engine PDF
Sohair F. Rezeka, Essam H. Seddik, Walid A. Abdelghaffar 353-361

A Multilevel Converter with Reduced Number of Switches for Grid Connection of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Variable Speed Wind Turbine PDF
Prasada Rao Kota, Sukhdeo Sao 362-369

Service Quality Improvement in the Operating Rooms Using Optimization, Problematic Solved by a Discrete Particle Swarm and Queues Simulation Approaches PDF
Firdaous Bennis, Mustapha Amghar, Sbiti Nawal, Abdelmajid Elouadi 370-379

Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and GA-PID Controller for Position Control of Inverted Pendulum PDF
Lukman A. Yusuf, Nuraddeen Magaji 380-385

Power Quality Improvement and Sag Voltage Correction by Dynamic Voltage Restorer PDF
Shady Hossam Eldeen Abdel Aleem, Ahmed Mohammed Saeed, Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim, Essam Eldeen Abou El-Zahab 386-393

Backstepping Control of the Induction Machine, Based on Flux Sliding Mode Observer, with Rotor and Stator Resistances Adaptation PDF
Mohamed Moutchou, Hassan Moahmoudi, Ahmed Abbou 394-402

Improved Control for DFIG used in Wind Energy Conversion Systems PDF
Ali Boukhriss, Tamou Nasser, Ahmed Essadki, Abdellah Boualouch 403-411

Mobile Manipulation Platform Control PDF
Victor Putov, Anton Putov, Konstantin Ignatiev, Michael Kopichev, Jacqueline Asiedu-Baah 412-419

APM – Simple and Fast MPC Algorithm for LTI SISO Systems PDF
Enes Saletovic 420-427

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