A Tester for Protective Relays of High Power Electrical-Motors

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In this paper the operation and construction of a protective relay tester based on the PCs will be studied. Since this tester has computer, it is capable of programming to test different types of protective relays. On the other hand, because of its 3 phases voltage and current outputs, the hardware of this device makes it possible to test different types of electromagnetic, static, and digital relays. One of the main characteristics of this device is to real time reconstruction of the signals obtained in transient states. Other capabilities of this device include the ability of sending digital signals to the relay in adjustable times, which is widely used including in testing protective plans with telecommunication signals. At the end of paper, the results of some sample tests will be presented that show the good performance using this device in the test of different types of relays.
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Relay Test; Transient; Steady State; Protection; Voltage & Current Amplifiers

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