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Validation of the Functionality of an Industrial Network Based on RS-485 and Industrial Ethernet Protocols for Multivariable Processes

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The present investigation contains the design of an Industrial Network by using four types of communication protocols applied to multivariable process control, to compare the data transmission speed, reliability, and reliability of the same. The network consists of a Modular Production System (MPS), in which the operator can establish different control loops according to the variable being handled, with AS-Interface communication protocol and an S7-1200 controller, which is connected to a Master AS-i CM communication module, which allows controlling the different process variables. In parallel, a Modbus RTU network is developed where a PID position control is performed, with the CM 1241 communication module and a PLC 1200. The control is performed by using an Altivar 31 ATV31H075M3X drive, and also the network consists of two proses of frequency control, start and reverse rotation where types of Delta VFD007E23A and Sinamics V20 6SL3210-5BB17-5UV1 drives and a temperature control process are used. From the study, it could be concluded that Profinet is an Ethernet protocol that allows data transfer in real time, which is suitable for applications that require a fast response, has a higher transmission speed than Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus and AS-i since Profinet uses an Industrial Ethernet network instead of a fieldbus which allows higher speeds, and is recommended for highly complex applications, while Modbus RTU and AS-i are easier to implement and are more common in simple applications for control systems with limited process resources by using serial communication, its advantage in the ability to provide diagnostic information for network devices.
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Profinet; Modbus TCP/IP; Modbus RTU; AS-Interface; Profibus

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