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Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Control for 2-DOF Laboratory Helicopter System with Improved Tracking Performance

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In this paper, a Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Control (RAFBC) is applied to electromechanical system which called Twin Rotor Multi Input Multi Output System (TRMS) in order to follow the desired trajectory. This strategy yields robustness to various kinds of uncertainties and guaranteed stability of the closed-loop control system. The adaptive laws have been used in order to ameliorate the robustness against uncertainties, wind effects and external disturbances. The stability of system in the closed-loop has been demonstrated using Lyapunov method. In the control design, type 2 fuzzy logic systems are used to approximate the unknown functions. Hybrid adaptive robust tracking control schemes that are based upon a combination of bounds of type 2 fuzzy approximation parameters and the backstepping design are developed such that all the states and signals are bounded and the proposed approach alleviate the online computation burden and improves the robustness to dynamic uncertainties and external disturbances. In addition, the coupling effects between the horizontal and vertical subsystems of TRMS are considered as uncertainties. Thus, precise trajectory tracking is maintained under various operational conditions with the presence of various types of uncertainties. Unlike other controllers, the proposed control algorithm can estimate model uncertainties online and improve the robustness of the system. Experimental tests were carried out and the results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm performs well in tracking and under model uncertainties.
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TRMS; Robust Control; Adaptive Control; Fuzzy; Backstepping; Uncertainties; Wind Effects

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