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An Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Multi-Span Nonlinear Web Material Linkage Systems

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This study presents an adaptive controller for multi-span nonlinear web material linkage systems with the characteristic of a variable moment of inertia and operating radius of rolls. Sliding mode control is used to control web tensions as well as velocities of the system due to its robustness against modeling imprecision. In addition, an adaptive law combined with sliding mode control is proposed to estimate the moment of inertia. As a result, the adaptive sliding mode control structure takes advantage of nonlinear sliding mode control and adaptation algorithm to deal with parameter changes. To verify the controller, the stability of the whole system is proved based on Lyapunov’s stability theory. The simulation results illustrate reliable performance by comparing several nonlinear controllers.
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Adaptive Sliding Mode Control; Lyapunov's Stability Theory; Moment of Inertia; Uncertainty Components; Web Material Linkage Systems

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