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Robust Active Disturbance Rejection Control of a PV/Battery Microgrid

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Microgrid technology is gaining popularity due to its ability to integrate different renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies in grid-connected and islanded modes in an efficient and ecologically friendly way. Because of the absence of inertia, referred to as a weak microgrid, the stable functioning of the system should be maintained in islanded circumstances, necessitating the installation of a robust control system in order to form and maintain its voltage amplitude and frequency constant under all operating conditions (Grid Forming). To that end, this study recommends implementing a robust control method called as Active Disturbance Rejection Control in order to deal with the many uncertainties and disturbances that might occur in such a complex system. This control approach is based on an Extended State Observer, which evaluates all the disturbances that may affect the system in real time and compensates for them in the final control block. An integrated PV-based battery-islanded microgrid is next studied and simulated by using the MATLAB/Simulink Environment in order to illustrate the feasibility of the suggested technique. The obtained results show that the efficacy of the suggested setup to produce and maintain constant voltage and frequency under any operating situation.
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Microgrid; ADRC; Inventers; Grid Forming; ESO; PV; Battery

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