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Decoupled Fractional Order Filter with PID Controller Design for Multivariable Distillation Column System

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The main objective of this research work is the design of decentralized PID controller with fractional order filter for strongly connected multivariable distillation column system. Wherein, the major contribution of this paper is the proposition of compensators for the decoupling process, in addition to extending the application of the proposed approach from Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) systems into Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) systems. More precisely, the proposed idea is based on eliminating the strongly interactive terms between the inputs and outputs of the multivariable distillation column systems so that, the separated multi-loop parts can be treated as a set of SISO subsystems, which have an equivalent dynamic of the whole original system. Thereafter, a PID controller with a fractional filter has been introduced to the decoupled subsystems in decentralized scheme in order to improve the control system robustness. Two multivariable systems have been carefully considered in this paper; the first is a theoretical Two-Input Two-Output (TITO) system while the second is the Wood and Berry distillation column. The obtained results have confirmed the superiority of the proposed approach over the two degrees of freedom technique, which is based on Internal Model Control method. Indeed, the proposed approach has reduced the dynamic error, the settling time, and the rise time. Furthermore, the designed decentralized PID controller with fractional filter has demonstrated rejection to structured perturbation from one loop to another.
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Decentralized PID Controller; Fractional Order Filter; Decoupling Process; IMC; Interaction; Distillation Column

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