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Fuzzy Controller for a Thermal Process by Flat Solar Collector Assisted by a Heat Pump Using Arduino

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This article presents a diffuse control system implementation using an Arduino Mega 2560 development board based on the Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library (eFLL) to water heating using a flat solar collector with the assistance of a heat pump in case of low radiation. First, the control strategy has been designed and simulated using the commercial software MATLAB. Then, experimental tests have been carried out in a week in the final location of the equipment in order to validate the data in the simulation with solar radiation greater than 1,000 W/m2. In this way, it has been defined that the collector takes the central role in heat transfer, reaching the desired temperature of 41 °C in 29 min, with a precision error of ±1.0 °C. However, the controller is forced to act with the compressor when the radiation values are less than 500 W/m2, reaching the requirement of 39 °C in a time ~1.0 h. Finally, the results have exposed that the simulations and the experimental data obtained provide good agreement and excellent efficiency of the designed equipment.
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Fuzzy Control; Heat Pump; Solar Power; Arduino

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