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Trajectory Tracking of Autonomous Driving Tricycle Robot with Fuzzy Control

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Autonomous-driving mobile robots are currently the subject of extensive studies. Trajectory tracking, one of the most critical tasks in mobile robotics, has found many applications in industry, transportation, and other fields. The present work focuses on application of autonomous driving of tricycle robots for use in Precision Agriculture (PA). Employment of autonomous robots in agriculture helps to optimize inputs and increase cropping management efficiency while protecting resources and environment. This paper aims to develop a fuzzy control method for guidance of a tricycle robot according to a trajectory prescription. Firstly, a kinematic model of a tricycle robot was designed and implemented using a fuzzy logic algorithm for control of the robot navigation. Finally, the model has been tested in MATLAB Simulink to show its performance in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Results showed that is possible to maintain the tracking error at 0.2 m by carrying out a straight-line displacement of the robot.
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Autonomous-Driving; Trajectory Tracking; Tricycle Robot; Fuzzy Control; Precision Agriculture

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