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A Hybrid Method for Road Marking Detection

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Very recently, the problems posed in the context of road safety have taken off with the growing number of accidents on the roads. These accidents result in property damage and death in several cases. Nowadays, it is no longer a question of settling for a simple conventional and ordinary road safety, but an automatic road safety is widely desired. This study fits precisely into this context and proposes, first and in terms of computer vision, a combination of two types of approaches, which are by appearance and structural. Indeed the appearance approach is presented by the statistical classifier, while the structural one is given by the set of the following methods: the detection of the segments using the algorithm of the semi local analysis, the combined Kalman filter with predictor to estimate the road line, and the layout adjustment by applying the principle of Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE). This method is tested on several sample images and videos. It has given a good quality results with very short processing times.
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Road Safety; Computer Vision; Road Marking; Detection; Appearance Approach; Structural Approach

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