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Sensitivity Analysis Modeling for the Evaluation of the Order Picking Process Performance

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Order picking is the process of recovering goods from the picking locations to fulfil a specific customer order, which is known to be the most laborious and expensive function of all the warehousing functions. However, the effectiveness of the preparation process depends primarily on managers decisions, which are often based on intuition and experience. Due to the increasing complexity of the processes, resulting mainly from the volatility of demand and the multitude and uncertain nature of operating parameters, these decisions are still far from providing an optimal mode of operation. In this paper, an approach of dynamic modeling and control of the manual order picking process is proposed in order to carry out a sensitivity analysis. First, the model of the order picking process with its performance indicators based on dynamic modeling will be presented by detailing the different components of the system. Then the process of sensitivity analysis based on Monte Carlo simulation that will be run on the Simulink software will be outlined in order to locate the parameters most influencing the model’s outputs. The proposed approach aims to determine the reactivity of the operating processes allowing compliance with defined operational performance, which, for example, helps warehouse mangers making optimal tactical decisions in terms of means and resources to implement in a warehouse order picking activity.
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Order Picking Process; Warehouse Activity; Dynamic Modeling; Sensitivity Analysis; Simulation

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